Any generation of the RX-7 can be considered a timeless classic. What does this mean? It means that even today, the RX-7 still looks as good as the days it was first introduced to the automotive market. For many, the FD RX-7 is considered the top dog in Mazda’s automotive history. And by now, we have seen this generation executed in various ways. But, the form we love seeing is the stock body form or a nice blend of widebody. This blend is well executed with Takka‘s 1999 Porsche Guards Red FD3S RX-7 from Yamagata, Japan.

We have been following Takka’s build for a bit now, and he has truly executed the blend of stock body lines and widebody with the goal of not destorying the original design of the car.

We finally got to talk to Takka on his latest rendition of the car.

So, Takka what lead you to owning the FD3S RX7?
“I originally loved Japanese sports cars since I was a child, but I especially loved the RX-7.”

“It was one of my dream cars that I always wanted to drive. The RX-7 was the first car I ever owned in my life. I got the RX-7 when I was in high school before I had a car license.”

Then, what inspired your modifications and styling of the RX-7?
“A widebody that respects the original styling of the RX-7 to the maximum and does not destroy the beautiful design.”
“Furthermore, I wanted to create a +α body that emphasized the WIDE & LOW that is the biggest attraction of the FD3S.”
“Just as Nissan has NISMO, BMW has M, and Porsche has GT3, etc., we created a fictitious body that would look like this if FD3S had a manufacturer’s higher grade setting.

What would you say is the biggest challenge modifying/styling the RX-7?
“Rear fenders. As mentioned in the previous question above, it was difficult to create a natural wide body with beautiful lines so as not to destroy the original design of the FD3S as much as possible.”
“The smoothing of course, but also the modification to the best width without overdoing it, and other details that are not obvious until you are told, are filled with effort and attention to detail.

So, what future plans can we expect?
“The BBS LM wheels are actually temporary, and the main wheels are currently under construction. The main wheel is currently under construction.”
“It will be changed into a wonderful wheel with even more attention to MAZDA. In addition, a roll cage will be added.”
“We are also planning to upgrade the engine in the future.”
“Please look forward to it.

And lastly, anyone you want to thank for helping with getting the RX-7 to your vision?
“Car Craft Honma produced this RX-7 for me.”
“The builder, Homma Daichi, is a genuine MAZDA freak who used to drive an FD3S.”
“I am very thankful to him for making my selfishness into a reality.”
“If you want to build your ideal car, go to Car Craft Honma.



-FUJITA ENGINEERING Afflux Front Cowl Ver.2 (-35mm)
-FUJITA ENGINEERING Afflux Front Blister Kit
-CHARGESPEED Wide Body Kit Type2 Rear Fender (-15mm)
-Carbon Side Flap
-DAMD Rear Flat Bottom Diffuser (+40mm)
-MAZDASPEED Type Ⅱ Rear Wing
-GANADOR Super Mirror
-BBS LM 18×10


-ATC SPRINT Rarely Deep Steering
-FUJITA ENGINEERING Duralumin Shift knob
-AUTOEXE Duralumin Oval Strut Bar
-Defi Din-Gauge


-HKS Super Power Flow Kit (Ver.FEED)
-FUJITA ENGINEERING Hi Response Piping Kit
-SARD Sports Catalyzer
-APEXi Power FC (Ver.FEED)

-Megan Racing Full Arm Kit
-Max Drift Rear Upper Arm
-Ploom Air Suspension
-AIR LIFT 3p Air Management

Hope you guys enjoyed this FD3S RX-7. It has executed the blend of stock body lines and widebody so well with keeping low style in mind.

Special thank you to Takka for sharing all this with us. Looking forward to seeing this build progress even further.

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