50 Shades Of Orange

Orange, probably the hardest car color to make look good in any shade. But, anything is possible as we take a look at Gray Schilling‘s 2003 Spicy Orange Mazdaspeed Protege from Ontario, Canada.

So, we asked Gray: How did you get into cars and eventually get into having a MSP?

Cars have always been a thing, I’ve been playing cars ever since I can remember. Now they’re just toys you have to insure to drive on the road. The MSP was purchased as a family daily in 2010, my dad bought it before I drove it. As soon as I discovered how enjoyable they are to drive, and rare it was, especially in such mint condition, I made arrangements with my father to buy the car from him.

What inspired you to go into the direction we see today?

It’s kinda hard to narrow it down, I’m inspired by many sorts of car culture to some degree, though that may not show here. What you currently see is sort of in between things, but I’ve had a growing fascination with wheel fitment for a long time now. Super low, clean, cars from all makes inspire me.

Grays MSP-4062

Is there anything you would change and what can possibly be next?

Of course, this is only the beginning.
I consider this to be only the first phase, I have many plans, but first off is a new front lip setup, new trunk setup, and different rear lip with a more ‘functional’ and aggressive diffuser. Also self fabricated adjustable rear lateral links, custom trailing arms, and a new front camber plate design are in the works. The rest you’ll have to wait and see.

Grays MSP Extras (1)

What else have you done do it that we can’t see?

The car sits on custom spec BC coilovers with Swift springs, self-fabricated spring perches and ball joint washers. There are fly slotted camber plates all around and Megan Racing adjustable lateral links in the rear. The motor has basic anti slow bolt-ons including Intake hard-pipes with a custom 1” bypass system, a custom cold air box with air ram tubes, and an HKS filter. There’s also stiffer or solid bushings and mounts, upgraded SMIC, brake bits, and an Air/Fuel Controller.

Grays MSP-3976I’ve done some body and paint work; a couple years ago I repaired some surface rust spots all over the car, engine bay, sub-frames and underneath. I refinished and blended the rear quarters and one front fender, and later the rear bumper and hood followed.

Grays MSP -4343The Interior got some attention as well; a POS Grip Royal mahogany steering wheel mounted on an NRG hub and custom spacer, behind that is a homemade horn connector and turn signal engage-r, all hidden by a custom steering column bezel wrapped the match the wiper arm delete. Behind all that is a rare dual gauge-surround holding the boost gauge and AEM wideband. All other bezels and console pieces are wrapped in Avery gun metal and the center strips got some custom tinted brushed vinyl treatment. And finally there’s a Sparco Horn button to match the factory Sparco bits, a Kenwood deck to match the OE Kenwood sound system, and a perforated leather shift boot with orange stitching to ‘match’ the seats.

Grays MSP-3930Any shout outs to anyone?

Just my father, for letting me use his tools and machines, and Shavi for having me here.

Modification List

Custom Spec BC Racing BR coilovers
F:11 / R:13kg/mm 152mm Swift Springs
Custom Fly Slotted BC front camber plates
Fly Slotted Ksport rear camber plates w/ Self fabricated spring perches and ball joint washers
Megan Racing adjustable rear lateral links
Stop Tech stop sport front rotors
Stop tech power slot rear rotors
Hawk HPS pads
Current Wheels: Work Emotion CR-Kai 17×9 +17 With FK452 215/35

Motor etc:
Turbohoses hot pipe & StreetUnit CAI w/ custom 1″ BPV fittings
BoostSciences Reflex Diverter valve w/ 1″ tubing
Split Second air/fuel controller v2
CorkSport Bronze oil solid shifter bushings
“Nyloil” shifter-tranny brace bushing
Custom “Cold air box” W/ Air rams
HKS intake filter

Kenwood headunit
AEM Wideband o2 sensor
Autometer Boost gauge
Grip Royal ‘Royal Grain’ 350mm mahogany steering wheel
NRG steering hub adapter
Sparco horn button to match the OEM Knob and pedals
Custom steering wheel spacer
Custom horn ‘wiper’
Custom turn signal ‘engage-r’
Custom dual gauge pod/surround (made by a Mazdas247 forum member)
One off shift boot (made by a M247 forum member)
Custom E-brake handle wrap
Interior bezels wrapped

Customized and Retrofitted Projector headlights; Morimoto Mini h1 6.0
Custom finished Tail lights
Custom fog deletes, side sills, rear spats
CR3 ‘Air Diversion Panel’
Mazda badge wrapped in tint
Gutted cats, muffler delete, raised exhaust
Custom paint work and repairs, Rear wheel arches, front pass fender, rear bumper, hood, front splitter, badge deletes.

Anything marked “custom” is been self fabricated or modified by me.

Thanks for reading. More pictures in the gallery.

Fitment Game

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