Uchiiii Atenza Wagon

For the majority of us car enthusiasts, we aren’t lucky enough to have wagons or estate versions offered to us anymore. Why? Because the majority of regular car consumers in these countries just don’t need this type of vehicle anymore with the rise of SUVs and crossover platforms. But, we can still enjoy them from a distance from where they are still offered. Here we have Akito Uchino aka Uchiiii‘s 2017 Jet Black Mica Atenza Wagon from Hiroshima, Japan. Also, we would like to give Uchiiii a special welcome as our newest photographer; so expect to see more awesome photography from him.

We have been following and talking to Uchiiii for awhile now. And Uchiiii’s wagon has also been featured in the premier Japanese magazine, Wagonist. This first set of photos is when the wagon was on 18″ inch Enkei RS05RR. We just had to share some throwback photos as it just looked so good with the cherry blossom and snow settings. Hope you enjoy it as much as us.

So, Uchiiii first question. What lead you to owning the Atenza wagon? Did you come from something different before this?

“I was originally riding a hatchback and wanted to ride a station wagon. The reason why I chose Atenza wagon among the many station wagons was because I liked the current Mazda design.”

And what inspired your styling /modifications choices?

“Adultness…extremism that can be seen in the styling that melts into everyday life. That’s about it.”

So, did you go straight to air suspension or did you have coilover suspension too?

“It’s air suspension from the beginning!”

Here we have Uchiiii’s newest setup on 19″ inch SSR Vienna Kreis, which give it some VIP styling. And compared to the Enkei RS05RR, the new setup lets Uchiiii tuck wheel all the way around and gives the wagon a different look.

You have owned Enkei and SSR wheels. Are those the dream wheel or something else?

“Both ENKEI and SSR were wheels that I wanted for a long time because I couldn’t wear them even if I wanted them to be worn by the car I was in before. So I’m really satisfied to be able to own it. However, there are endless wheels I want, and there are still other wheels I want!”

Any future plans for the wagon?

“I have no plans at the moment because I couldn’t go to the car event. Everything has been canceled and postponed (COVID-19). When I can go to the event, I think custom inspiration will come naturally. It’s always been like that.”

Uchiiii’s custom interior. Originally the interior was stock black, but Uchiiii loves beige colored interior, so he just had to custom make the interior pieces. Also adding beige seat covers to make everything flow.

Uchiiii repping and showing love for MF. You can get stickers like this at shop.mazdafitment.com.

-ENKEI RS05RR 18×10.5
-SSR Vienna kreis 19×10
-AirForce suspension
-one-off pillow ball upper/arms
-front bumper smooth
-full carbon front lip
-Mazdaspeed side skirt add-on
-s2000 muffler
-interior beige custom [original black]
-beige seat covers to match
-interior lights changed to warm

Thank you to Uchiiii for showing love for Mazda Fitment for awhile now, and letting us share his ride with you. Exciting to see what other cars he will be sharing with us as he will be working with us as a MF photographer in the Hiroshima area. More photos in the gallery below. Enjoy.

Want to feature your ride? There are lot of builds we will never be able to come across, so please email us if you think we would be interested!
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