Since 2009 when MF was created we have obviously focused on just Mazdas, and then in 2010, StanceNation began, where they focused on everything related to stance/fitment. About 11 years later, StanceNation now puts on their own show in the United States and Japan, where they have a big following. In Japan, the show is held throughout the country nearly every year. Here we have Mazda coverage of StanceNation Yamaguchi that was held recently at Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park in Yamaguchi, Japan.

Akito‘s Jet Black Mica Atenza wagon representing Mazda Fitment with the MF nobori flag and air freshener. Available at

Ryota‘s Crystal White Pearl Atenza wagon on SSR Professor TF1. Huge fan of this wagon. So clean.

Joe-san‘s NA roadster on Frontline FLS05. We have shared quite a few photos of this on our social media.

Tatsuya’s White Pearl 3rd generation Axela on Work Emotion T7R 2P.
Learn more about it here:

Naoya Sakurada‘s Demio aka Mazda2 on iForce wheels.

 Sako‘s 2014 Titanium Flash Metallic 3rd generation Axela on Regen5 R35 wheels.
Learn more about it here:

 Rui Akagi’s 2017 AWD Machine Gray Metallic 3rd generation Axela on Work Black Label BST1.
Learn more about it here:

Fukku‘s 2005 RX-8 Shinka on directional Forgetech wheels.

Takumi Nishikawa‘s 2015 Soul Red Metallic 3rd generation Axela on Work Emotion CR Kiwami.
Learn more about it here:

Another Atenza wagon we have been a huge fan of is Shota Fujimoto‘s white wagon on Work Zeast ST3.

Ueyama‘s Pandem widebody FC3S RX-7 on Volk Racing 21CA. Love this build with the awesome Racing Beat livery.

Kikka‘s 4th generation Axela on Rotiform LAS-R.

Shogo‘s 2nd generation Atenza featuring a new custom color, Midnight Purple, and on Z34 370z wheels. Also, rocking our new MF air freshener, which is available at

Shohei‘s Soul Red Metallic CX-3 on Regen5 R32 wheels. Also, running our OG MF license plate frame for that USDM style.

Yuya‘s Red NB8C Miata on Volk Racing TE37V. Huge fan of this roadster.

Ma-kun‘s red RX-8 running a new setup on Work Meister S1. Looks good on the BN Sports kit.

Shota Kihara’s ND Roadster (ND5RC) on Volk Racing TE37VSL. Looking good since the last time we featured it here.

Another one of our favorite Atenza wagons is Syunya‘s Atenza wagon on Bentley wheels. This one really gives of that Euro-vibe like the owner intended.

Hokuto Kato’s Atenza sedan on Rotiform RSE. Long time follower of MF.

Previously featured here on SSR Professor SP5:

Daigo Ishimaru‘s black FD3S RX-7 on Frontline FLS12.

Teppei‘s gray NA roadster on Volk Racing TE37V. Very clean.

Keita Nishikawa‘s white Demio (MZ2) on Chevlon Racing S1C.

Yasu‘s BADBUL inspired RX-8 on Work VS XV wheels.

Sena‘s ND RF Miata on SSR Formula Mesh. Huge fan of this roadster, it is just executed so well.

Yuya‘s red RX-8 on a new setup with 326power Yabaking Ghost. We do miss the old setup on Work CR 2P though.

Isamu‘s Titanium Flash Mica NA Miata on Star Road Glow Star MS-BC wheels.

Ei Sugimoto‘s silver RX-8 on Work Lanvec LM7.

Motoki‘s ND roadster on Frontline FLS09.

Kazuki’s blue FD3S RX-7 on BBS LM.

Yoshiyuki Hamasaki‘s 2001 Sunburst Yellow FD3S RX-7 on Desmond Regamaster EVO II.
You can learn more about this:

Hope you enjoyed this event coverage. Thank you to Uchiiii for taking these photos and sharing them with us. More photos in the galley below.

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