MazFest 2013 Coverage

It has been awhile since I have attended a MazFest event, but this year Mazda Fitment was an official sponsor of the event, so that gave me more of an incentive to clear my schedule to make it this year.

My day at MazFest 2013 started by arriving at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, California at 6:00 AM to help vendor setup and prepare for the drivers meeting for my friend that was tracking. Even that early in the morning you could feel the temperature increase significantly within minutes after arriving. This set precedent for temperatures over 100 degrees throughout the event, which honestly made the event not so enjoyable.

Nevertheless, you can feel the mood of the event by seeing who came out to the middle of nowhere for a Mazda enthusiast event. You could hear the enthusiasts talking all things Mazda, whether it was about upcoming models or just to learn about their own cars. It was a true Mazda only event.

My friend Jay, who was tracking throughout the day. Representing Royal Origin, Mazda Fitment, Dynamic Vinyl, and KazeSpec Engineering.

This RX7 FD from Lucky 7 Racing was a crowd favorite when it took off on the track.

The Royal Flush RX7 FD at the Garage Life booth.

Kenjo and gang from GarageStar was out in full force with their Miatas and RX7 FD.

The roadsters made a strong presents throughout MazFest. This is just a small portion of the IndoTech Motorsport Miatas.

Static Nine Garage NB generation Miata was very clean.

It is rare to see a well-kept RX-3. It sounded and looked awesome.

I believe this is the only Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 with the best fitment I saw throughout the day.

This kinda looks cool with the non-matching fender flares on this Mazdaspeed Protege. However, I wish the fender flares would flow better into the body, and perhaps paint-match them in the future. These Protege/Mazdaspeed Proteges are a dying breed.

It is always cool to meet Chris and his Protege5 wagon. No full shots since Chris had a tire incident in the rear coming to MazFest from Northern California, so here we are left with this front/side-profile shot.

This Protege5 wagon is owned by Reg from Northern California. It is full done up in a Tiffany Teal color scheme on the outside, inside, and underneath the car. I am sure Reg has more planned for this project.

This is one car that caught my attention. A Mazda Rotary Pickup (REPU) aka B1600. It was in amazing visual condition on the outside with its fresh paint exterior, and new updated interior. Props to the owner on this build.

This drag Protege was quiet cool. It is rated at around 500-600HP on the FS-DE block. The owner  was saying he had to drive it to MazFest, since he had to trailer his Miata, but lucky for him that is only like 15 minutes away.

Another rare gem at MazFest was this Mazda 929 on Work Equips. Stood out in the sea of Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3s and Miatas.  It is one of my dreams to do a full VIP build on this platform as seen in the Japanese version called the Sentia.

Rust bucket.

Even though it kinda looks cool. People are still putting these custom steelie wheels, which weigh too much for a platform that barely has power.  There are better choices out there.

The 949 Racing gang enjoying their builds at Willow Springs International Raceway.

That is about all I was able to capture. Definitely was expecting more cars (more on the rotary side) based on last years turn out, but that probably has something to do with the lack of SevenStock involvement for this years MazFest. I wish all these segregated Mazda events would just come together to make one awesome event, but that is probably too much to ask… Nevertheless, hope you guys enjoyed the coverage!

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