Three FD3S

Recently our friend Yoshiyuki had a little meet-up with some friends in Yoshima, Japan.

What is great about these three FD RX-7 is that each one is styled in its own way, but embodying that low style.

Some side by side wheel porn.

Here we have Daigo Ishimaru‘s black FD3S RX-7. Commonly called Gorilla. Styled in all black.

Daigo’s FD is running a set of 17 inch Panasport G7 C5C2.

This is Yoshiyuki Hamasaki‘s yellow FD3S RX-7. Very clean and styled to be more meaty. This has been seen many times on the MF blog. Most recently at the end of the year:

Yoshiyuki’s FD is running a set of 18 inch Enkei Racing NT03RR.

Here we have Yuji Masunari‘s Montego Blue FD3S RX-7. Commonly called Masso. Low style FD. You might of seen this posted before during the new year:

Yuji’s FD is fitted on 17 inch BBS LM.

Thank you to Yoshiyuki for always sharing these moments with us. More pictures in the gallery below.

Fitment Game

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